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Report to the Community

T-REX took a chomp out of our hearts.

It’s a special project whose excitement trickles down from our client to the account team, from the creatives to the developers
 like it’s on some souped-up Rube Goldberg track. But that was the T-REX Report to the Community. And it hasn’t stopped moving yet.

T-REX is a technology-focused incubator located in the heart of downtown St. Louis. The non-profit organization is utterly unique in housing not only startup entrepreneurs, but funders and an array of support organizations. Hosting thousands of hours of corporate and community events, T-REX provides its constituents the opportunity to network with key influencers who can help turn dreams into realities that help grow St. Louis in turn. 

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T-REX needed an interactive piece to showcase their value, their greatest achievements, and for the first time—their voice.

Most importantly, it needed to inspire investors because T-REX was about to embark on a capital campaign. T-REX’s internal resources are a rare breed of inimitable and affordable. As such, all of their spaces have a waiting list. Funds to turn the rest of their building into offices and meeting spaces meant great things for the St. Louis community. And that lit a fire under our patooties. 

Where tech spaces tend to be stark and cold, T-REX is inviting and colorfully real. Design and a new brand voice embodied these characteristics.

The Startup Lifecycle in 3-D

There’s a cyclical movement of growing and giving back. We decided that creating a Startup Lifecycle would best help express T-REX’s mission of taking passion paired with a good idea and spitting it out as a fully-formed business rooted in the downtown corridor. We developed custom illustrations and animations to bring this idea closer to site visitors. Our hope was that this piece could add assets to the overall brand.

When it came time to put the pedal to the coding metal, we looked at our options for 3D rendering. We opted to use Cinema 4D so you could explore the city, then babylon.js and webgl-based animation to bring the motion to life. These avenues were ultimately selected due to their less browser-intensive properties, and their ability to scale without pixelating. 

Success Stories

Hearing from the people taking advantage of what it has to offer not only proved the value of T-REX to St. Louis and the world at large, but helped illuminate the organization’s dedication to diversity, inclusion and kindness. 

The site has been entered for awards by inspired members of our community. And after the Report was presented at a fundraising gala, T-REX received an anonymous $3 million gift. As one Account Director put it: coincidence? We’re not sure, but we’d gladly do it all again. 

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