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The Sheldon

A Brand and Website Without Borders


It was a hidden gem in the St. Louis arts community for decades. But a new executive director knew that The Sheldon’s key asset — its variety — felt more like ambiguity under their aged branding system.


A new brand credo, website and logo that reintroduced The Sheldon as a sophisticated institution with no partitions — where lines didn’t divide, but led us to one another.


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total website impressions (and counting) since launch
Webby Award Nominiee and Crafted by Code feature
Over 2,000 unique visitors flocked to the new site in its first week and over 5,000 in the first month.

The website launched the same day their Season Series Subscriptions went on sale, optimizing subscription enrollment, and it was nominated for a 2021 Webby award and featured in Crafted By Code.


Starting as a concert hall which Tony Bennet said had the, “best acoustics in the world,” The Sheldon grew throughout the 1990s and 2000s to host not only music, but visual art, education and private events in St. Louis’ Grand Center Arts District.

But its diversity of offerings sometimes felt like disconnection. How could they communicate all of their events and services with one cohesive rhythm? As their partners for over 25 years, they trusted us to help figure it out.

We wrote a new brand story, brand pillars, key messages and a tagline that cracked The Sheldon wide open: Arts Without Borders. 

A snap of Bob DeBoo of the Adam Maness Trio, shot and edited by Paradowski for The Sheldon’s re-envisioned asset library.

This platform was then visualized. The new logo, an almost edgeless cube, represents how Sheldon patrons are often invited to challenge their perspective, and experience art more fluidly.

After the visual identity, came the website build. An open, yet stealthily persuasive design, a best-in-class event calendar, clear user pathways and compelling content brought The Sheldon up to par with, then right past its competitors.

And the seamless web experience didn’t sacrifice usability. It earned an outstanding accessibility score (92/100), ensuring Arts Without Borders was truly open to anyone who wished to experience it. 

The Sheldon Exterior, which has inspired many creative concepts over the course of our rich relationship.

The historic Sheldon Concert Hall

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The Sheldon’s new website is constructed with a suite of dynamic components designed to meet users’ diverse needs.

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Each page on the new site is thoughtfully curated to engage users in Arts Without Borders on their terms, leading them to discover ticket sales, donations and educational concert attendance.