We are a group of creative people who help organizations make their ideas beautiful.

Paradowski's Broadway office

The slanty facade of Paradowski Graphic Design’s comparatively small three-story office at 303 North Broadway in downtown St. Louis.

We’ve been around a while.

In the beginning, we were a design firm.

This was 1977. Gas was $0.65 a gallon. We built a name for ourselves doing beautiful logo work. And that’s what we called them: logos. No one talked about brands yet. Back then, if you uttered the phrase: “omnichannel brand storytelling,” you were labeled a communist and you lost your bell-bottom privileges.

Times changed and Paradowski changed. Over the next 30 years the firm grew into one of the area’s most respected design and advertising agencies. In 2012, the founder, Alex Paradowski, sold the business to Woodruff Communications.

"Balance in business communications..." lobby artwork and message in Paradowski Design’s downtown office. March 28, 1998.

Cubicles and formal business attire at Paradowski Design, 2001.

Demolition begins to make room for a new Paradowski Creative office at 1928 Locust, in St. Louis, March 17, 2009.

Paradowski Creative’s Locust office, 2010.

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As the sun sets and the dust settles, a small group lingers after our first official day in Paradowski’s Webster office, October 29, 2012.

The original Mario Room at Paradowski’s current headquarters in Webster Groves, January 11, 2013.

Afterward, a small group of us began the process of retooling the agency, with a focus on smart brand strategy and incredible interactive experiences. It’s gone pretty well. In 2015 we were named the Fastest Growing Company in St. Louis.

Our team may be bigger now, but we still believe in the power of a single person’s perspective to challenge the status quo. We still believe the best work is beautiful work. We still believe the best idea should be boss.

We still believe in Design for All Brandkind.

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