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Crop Science Innovation Summit

A Little Bit of Time Travel, and a Lot of Tomatoes


Sustainably feeding 10 billion people by 2050 is a straightforward goal. Accomplishing it is not. Bayer had a critical communications challenge on its hands if it wanted society, media and investors to comprehend—and ultimately appreciate—its vision for getting there. They needed to define “Regenerative Agriculture” for the industry, and clearly connect it to the complicated and interwoven technologies that make Bayer’s innovation pipeline uniquely capable of achieving it.


Bayer clearly had a vision for the future of agriculture. So, we simply needed to give that vision to their audiences. Literally. We turned the clock forward to 2033, and took investors and media on a tour around the globe, visiting farms of the future to show them how transformative technologies like BioTech, Breeding, Molecules, Microbes and Digital will work together to transform the way farmers grow, and revolutionize the way the world feeds itself.


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3d design


Key investors and media members reached
Articles written in 20 countries
Over 480 livestream viewers watched the keynote presentations on LinkedIn. The full event was streamed on Vimeo and saw a total of 3,162 viewers.

“We received feedback to the effect of, ‘We have never seen anything like this before,’ raising the bar for how to tell the ag story.”


Bayer has identified that feeding a growing world population while also respecting the planet’s boundaries is a massive challenge for the decades ahead. Equipped with the research, resources, and reach necessary, Bayer is committed to leading the future of agriculture.

When the decision was made to move the traditional February Crop Science pipeline announcement to a Media/Investor event in June, Bayer Crop Science leadership faced the task of sharing their future vision, “Innovation in service of Sustainable Agriculture,” to a diverse audience of investors, media, employees, and the general public.

“Regenerative Agriculture” is a nebulous term, and Bayer needed to be a leader in defining its significance in a captivating way. 

With a precise delivery window of 3 months, Bayer asked us to help develop and bring to life the Innovation Summit. We knew that our technology paired with relatable storytelling could turn their audiences into admirers.

Our immersive stage design followed along with the speakers’ stories, visually emphasizing the importance of Bayer’s work.

Our stage design, from initial sketch to onsite build.

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75+ LED panels allowed our presenters to feature vibrant, memorable imagery in their stories.

A backlit, physical ring was able to be used as a portal and dimmed or moved when not needed.  

Each of our deliverables was created to offer engagement, with the goal to retain attention. Iconography was designed to communicate the critical technologies needed to achieve Bayer’s goals and “deep dive” presentations showed exactly how they’d be put to use.

Category and subcategory icons were designed to communicate various technologies that Bayer is pioneering in its pipeline. 

A selection of the 100+ deep dive slides that highlighted specific technology applications and results. 

And, if you still couldn’t picture it, our virtual 3D “Farms of the Future” dynamically showcased how Bayer’s innovations will positively impact farming and the world in years to come. 

With a tight deadline and a ton of 3D asset creation ahead of us, the team leveraged the speed of AI for storyboard sketches. 

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A few of our favorite moments from the 3D “Farms of the Future”.

A mix of 2D and 3D animation brought the “Farms of the Future” to life and transported our audience around the world.

Since the event, over 100 unique visuals were derived from the presentation to be utilized on Bayer channels, displaying their value in the future of regenerative agriculture.