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It’s 2015–the agricultural technology sector is rapidly filling with competitors. Farmers, comfortable with their ways of working, needed to feel inclined and welcome using software to run their operations, and FieldView™ needed to be their top-of-mind choice.


Collectively, a series of integrated campaigns, collateral materials, testimonial and instructional videos, trade show and mobile tour experiences, websites, and internal communications (between employees and executives) elevated brand recognition and users of the software.


brand strategy

social media strategy

creative campaign

web development



corporate communication


increase in brand consideration*
increase in brand trust*
*According to annual brand health studies

Today, FieldView has 77% awareness, leading the U.S. market. And rising from a farmer user rate of just 10% in 2016, FieldView attained a 47% user rate in 2022.


Climate FieldView™ was introduced in 2015, offering farmers advanced analytical tools to revolutionize farming practices. Overcoming a reluctance to change, FieldView’s technology results did the talking to garner loyal users.

Primary research gave us an understanding that farmers are savvy business owners tasked with complex decision making each day. While FieldView’s technological reputation reigned supreme within the industry, our deliverables needed to educate farmers on its ease of use and value. 

FieldView mobile tour experience

Our creative worked to showcase FieldView’s cutting-edge technology, and together formed a robust group of assets that, once deployed together, told the wider story that a farm is best managed with FieldView at your fingertips.

We gave our audience the tools to understand that FieldView aids in maximizing return on every single acre, leaving them with only one question, “When can I start?” And we continue to push the FieldView brand forward with evolving creative campaigns and digital strategy.

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2023 Commodity Classic trade show booth experience

FieldView community engagement content