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Kayleigh Longo

Kayleigh is someone who strives to recognize the intrinsic value of every moment.

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Growing up, Kayleigh defined herself as “equal parts girly-girl and rough-and-tumble tomboy.”

When you hear her speak, she exudes a palpable desire to savor the people in her life. It may be time with her husband, two children, friends or colleagues, but clearly, she is someone who wants to connect, remember and commemorate both the special and the everyday slices of life.

In recognition of each important milestone, Kayleigh and her husband, C.D. have an important ritual they practice. With every promotion or successful verdict (C.D. is a lawyer by trade), the busy pair sets aside time to grab a drink or share a meal. Even after fourteen years together, they remain a steady source of encouragement for each other.  

LEFT: The holidays have taken new meaning for Kayleigh, as she shares old traditions and creates new traditions with her growing family. RIGHT: She and her husband, C.D., enjoy trying the best food any city they visit has to offer. Shown: Bangers, Austin, TX.

In addition to being what Kayleigh calls “her biggest supporter,” she credits C.D. for much of the laughter in her life. Their house is never quiet, thanks to his comedic sensibilities that somehow appeal to both Kayleigh and their two young daughters, Evvie and Collins.

During the winter holidays, Kayleigh’s desire to treasure and create memories is in full effect. By her own admission, she is “obsessed” with Christmas. The lights, the music, the weather, the decorations—she loves it all. And her affection for the holiday cannot be extinguished. Even after discovering the painful reality all children eventually face - the truth about Santa Claus - her passion for the season was undeterred. 

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Kayleigh (The Grinch) and C.D. (Yukon Cornelius) often host themed holiday parties with friends.

As a humorous act of resistance to the reality of Saint Nick, a young Kayleigh created, oversaw and executed her very first campaign. Leveraging her artistic aptitude, she created posters of a reindeer and Santa accompanied by the words “I Belive” (with believe misspelled). This inspiring act of defiant optimism says a great deal about Kayleigh. It shows her ability to create and imagine things into existence. Even at a young age, she had the ability to follow-through and had the courage to share what’s on her mind.

She is unafraid of self-expression. Keeping feelings locked up and away is unnatural to Kayleigh. After the birth of her first child, she turned to a familiar avenue of expression - writing. On her blog, Evvie and Me, she covers a range of topics on all aspects of her life. From her relationship to workout tips to very personal challenges and struggles.

Those chronicling their lives online can often be accused of presenting a fabricated version of themselves. Everything they present to the world is polished, missing the messy imperfections that make up the majority of existence. This is not the case with Ms. Longo.

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The youngest Longo, Collins, is all smiles, all the time.

She shares thoughts on dealing with stress from, as she puts it, an “Always Stressing Woman.” The extremes of postpartum depression, and the trials and demands of raising two children. It’s refreshing to see someone opening up like this. Kayleigh is uniquely honest with her readers, giving an accurate reflection of her “real life.”

Her writing also exhibits a tremendous wit. The titles of her posts are particularly amusing with “I don’t need anything: Gifts for the men in your life,” “Sleep: Maybe in Another 30 Years,” “It’s Gonna be ‘May,’ Which Means MOTHER’S DAY,” or a personal favorite, “Burpees Don’t Like You Either.” Her headlines cut right to the core and accomplish the difficult feat of being cunning and concise.

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The eldest Longo, Evan, shares her mother’s take-charge, bigger than life personality.

Most important, writing allows Kayleigh to pass on wisdom to her two young daughters. As she became a mother, she set out to do more than just tell them what to do, she wanted to show them. As they grow up, Collins and Evvie will have a tremendous window into the mind of their mother—her fears, struggles, delights and successes. It’s a remarkable collection of knowledge, from tutorials on style to thoughts on mental health. Kayleigh is passing down something to not only help her kin learn about their mother, but about themselves as well. 

Kayleigh devotes her free-time to keeping her blog, Evvie+me, fresh with new photo, video and written content.

In Kayleigh Longo, you’ll see someone who wants to create connections with people — A consensus builder, a people-person, a diplomat.

No doubt this trait has benefitted her in the professional and personal sphere. Kayleigh wants to find common ground and discover a solution that works for everyone. 

Kayleigh is also an interesting balance between a driven, type-A personality, and someone who is very sentimental. Given her dislike for clutter, one might assume she wouldn’t hesitate to throw out old birthday cards or personal notes. But with Kayleigh, she sees the meaning behind these gestures. Over the years, she’s held onto old notes her mother put in her lunchbox or loving cards from her husband. This habit provides a window into what she values. For Kayleigh it’s not so much “the thing,” but the memory behind the thing. Clearly, she has wisdom well beyond her years to cherish every moment she can.